Haller Army Memorials
French Memorial For Polish SoldiersAfter returning from war the men of the Haller Army and their communities constructed memorials to honor the fighters - both living and deceased. Below is a sample of some of the related memorials to honor these men.

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Blue Army Monument in Warsaw's Grunwald Square on the Avenue of the Polish Army.
Designed by sculptor Andrzej Pitynski, it symbolically shows soldiers of the Blue Army crossing the vast waters of the Atlantic to come to Poland's aid.

Polish Army Memorial For American SoldiersCamp Kosciuszko memorial and cemetery
Camp Kosciuszko was the main training and processing center for all Polish recruits. A small number died there from influenza.

The Polish military cemetery of Aubérive ( the Marne )
contains bodies of both WWI and WWII Polish fighters.

United States:
Omaha, Nebraska, St. John's Cemetery
Memorial and graves of WWI Haller Army veterans




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