Haller Army and Polish History Books
The amount of books on the Haller subject written in English is very limited. There are a quite a few in Polish, most older or out of print, and a very few in English.

I've compiled the list of the following books I recommend and encourage you to read more about Polish history to help understand what these men went through and why. It will also help you understand a bit more about what it means to be Polish. Please let me know if you have other books to suggest.

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Warsaw 1920
Great book by Adam Zamoyski
on the battle that saved Poland (and Europe) from Communism for 20 years. Highly recommended!

White Eagle,
Red Star

By Norman Davies.
This is the other must read for the Polsh Soviet War in which the Haller soldiers fought. Highly recommended!

We Are Here!

The story of the American pilots who came to the aid of Poland to help fight the Bolshiveks in 1919.


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